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About us

The South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System formally launched as an “ICS” in October 2018. We have been working as a partnership for well over two years, first as a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, then as a first wave Accountable Care System and now, as one of the leading ICS’ in the country.

Throughout this time, our goal has remained the same: For everyone in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to have the best possible start in life, with support to be healthy and live well, for longer.

At a glance, we have:

  • A £3.9 billion total health and social care budget
  • A 1.5 million population
  • 72,000 members of staff
  • 208 GP practices
  • 36 neighbourhoods
  • 6 acute hospital and community trusts
  • 6 local authorities
  • 5 clinical commissioning groups
  • 4 care/mental health trusts

We are one NHS, working as a System. We work with other partners, such as Local Authorities and the voluntary sector, in Neighbourhoods, Places and across the System when we have a common purpose and where it makes a positive difference to people’s lives. Our aim is to break down organisational barriers so that we can wrap support, care and services around people as individuals.

We agree to take shared responsibility (in ways that are consistent with individual legal obligations) for how we can use our collective resources to improve quality of care and health outcomes. As a first wave ICS, we are making faster progress than other health systems in transforming the way care is delivered, to the benefit of the population that we serve.

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The Partnership

We are a partnership of 23 organisations responsible for looking after the health and care of the 1.5 million people living in Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

We are made up of NHS organisations, local authorities and key voluntary sector and independent partners in our region. We account for £3.9 billion of spending across health and social care.  Having been chosen by NHS England in 2018 as one of the first areas of the country to become an Integrated Care System, we retain our ambition to ensure health and care services are the best they can possibly be. Working together in this way means that we will be able to better join up GPs and hospitals, physical and mental healthcare, social care and the NHS and give our patients the seamless care they have told us they want.

Through partnership working, we believe we can make real and long lasting improvements to the health of local people. As individuals and organisations working alone, we would never be able to achieve the same results.

Our goal is simple. We want everyone in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to have a great start in life, with the support they need to stay healthy and live longer.  The Government’s White Paper ‘Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all’, published in February 2021, makes clear that integration and partnership working enables greater ambition on tackling health inequalities and the wider determinants of health – issues which no one part of the system can address alone.  And, as the White Paper points out, the experience of coping with Covid-19 has emphasised the benefits of this approach.

What we do

We are working more closely together to help everyone in the region have a great start in life, with support to stay healthy and live longer.

In 2020 we published our Five Year Plan which has been clinically led, builds on our work to date, is guided by the NHS Long Term Plan and shaped by our local constituents.