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Barnsley Health and Care Together are the local organisations working together so that local people can take control of their health and wellbeing and enjoy happy, healthy and longer lives, in safer and stronger communities, whoever they are and wherever they live. This page outlines what will be happening in Barnsley Health and Care Together, how you can be involved in shaping local services and what differences this approach will make for you and your families.

Barnsley Health and Care Together is the partnership of local organisations working to improve the health and social care system in Barnsley: NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Barnsley Healthcare Federation, Barnsley Council and South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Partners are also working with Healthwatch Barnsley, voluntary and community groups.

This way of working integrates health and care services, bringing the services of GPs, nursing, social care, mental health, the hospital, community based services and voluntary organisations into a more joined up system that focuses on the individual needs of local people and provides them with support to manage their own care.

Putting people at the centre

A simpler, integrated health and care system will support a shift in focus on how we offer services. There will be an emphasis on supporting people to maintain good physical and mental health and preventing ill health all aimed at improving outcomes for local patients:

  • With services in different organisations working together better and in a more integrated ways
  • By removing barriers they may have faced previously, whether that was in having to repeat information on every visit, or barriers due to processes or finance
  • Patients should be able to see familiar staff faces that are connected to each other across local services regardless of where they are seen, whether that is in hospital, in the community or at home
  • Patients and their families will be supported by what feels like “one team”, each delivering their part without duplication.

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